Tulay Na Busog

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Found in the northern upland of Lobo, is a unique mountain environment dominated by barren rocks that surrounds that picturesque rocky shed of Lobo River.

Tulay na Busog is one of the most recognizable natural wonders in lobo popular among local and non-local tourist. It is made from moderate to thickly bedded stone, interspersed with hints of dark-to-light gray shade of igneous like rocks. This rock formation is famous for its resemblance of giant footprint stomped on its gigantic rocky outcrop. At higher elevation, tourist can have a glance of its metamorphic rocky ranges stretching along the mountain side of Nagtoctoc where it can be seen even in longer distance or joyride.

Its name was derived from local term “Busog” an old form of fishing technique practiced by the locals residing near the area. While the term “Tulay” was generated as an identical signifier of the locally made bridge connecting land and these rocks where they catch fish. However, the said bridge no longer exists due to environmental factors/calamities that happened over the past years.

Getting an upland adventure in Lobo is way interesting if you aim to explore this epic rock formation of Brgy. Nagtoctoc. This majestic spot is a place full of astonishing experience as you gaze to a river trekking adventure to mountainous memorable landmark.