Simbahang Bato

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Image Source: Kuya Luis

The deserted area of Balibago is one of the several places where you can find another best natural rock formation in Lobo. Located very close to the sea, Simbahang Bato is a must visit. The rocks are in the middle of the cliff beneath Punta Verde Resort and nearby rocky area of Balibago, giving it a figure/shape of a “church” where it got its name.

The site is quite famous for boating activities as it allows the tourists to have a complete view of the place. Depending on the time you visit Simbahang Bato, you will see it in a different light. The shades of the sky in sunny day and the stone gives an incredible sightseeing experience as the rocks blend its colors to the vibe of summer.

The rocks have somehow waved like patterns on them due to years of erosion and exposure to heat and splashing waves. If you are visiting Balibago area, you must experience water activities at Simbahang Bato as it is a perfect place for scenic, tourist-y pictures.