Talon Falls Cascade

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Heading back to upland lobo is another hidden gem worth a visit.  From mesmerizing green sceneries of Rice Terraces to picturesque waterfalls this area of Brgy. Jaybanga is like magnets to adventurers and eco-tourists looking to commune with nature and get off the beaten path.

Few minutes away from famous Jaybanga Rice Terraces is an enchanting cascade with precisely swimmibility deciding factor, is another natural wonder that should not be missed when you are in the area. Tucked in a tropical forest of Jaybanga, Talon Falls is relatively easy, and the reward will be well worth the effort. Its water source came from the highlands of Lobo, fresh and abundant streaming off the 6 feet deep pool in the area.

Tourist often visit this cascade to find refreshment as they enjoy the small lagoon at the fall’s base providing relaxing oasis suitable for swimming, a picnic or just a soothing experience in nature. A horseback ride or a hefty hike is a good choice to explore the place.