Barangay Sawang

About This Project


The name of the barangay is derived from the story of its old resident who lived there in ancient times or Spanish period. According to his story, the area was once a hideout for Spanish soldier where Magellan allegedly hid as they compass the alluring sea of Lobo. They also said that this place was the happiest place in the town with “sawang-sawa’ or bountiful supplies of locally harvested fruits and meat products that can be seen/try in the area.

It is also one of the beautiful coastal barangays of Lobo. Its seaboard has rich population of aquaculture products due to its identified marine protected areas that prevents overfishing and other illegal form of destructive fishing technique. The locals also believed that there is a certain species of ocean rocks that can be found in its majestic reefs. They called it “batong siwang-siwang na kulay pula” or RED RIFT STONE which is also connected to the origin of Barangay Sawang.

Fishing, farming, and trade are the main livelihood in the area. It consists of five (5) sitios; Sitio Ulupong, Kalamundingan 1, Kalamundingan 2, Bugahan 1 and Bugahan 2. It has a total land area of 895,0975 hectares and is 4 kilometers away from Barangay Poblacion.


Brgy. Captain – Senen A. Barraga

Brgy. Treasurer – Gemmalyn Garbin