Mt. Banoi

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Mt. Banoi is part of the mountain range that surrounds the town of Lobo. Situated at Barangay Balatbat, this 960 MASL hiking destination is 10 kilometers away from town proper and has been dotted for its “striking range” and hikeable trails.

This mountain is beginner-friendly as it is easier to hike than other lobo’s exhilarating mountainscapes with approximately 3-4 hours ascend and descend from the top. Mt. Banoi gives hikers a decent challenge and extremely scenic trails of rolling slopes and green grasslands. Although its only takes few hours to reach the peak, its height and elevation is worthy enough to get a mesmerizing view of Lobo’s agricultural land and neighboring mountain ranges to the south.

The best time to hike here is early morning as the peak was often surrounded by fog, thus, day hike tour is only applicable for aspiring mountaineers. The jump off starts at Sitio Malabnig where the trails is generally straightforward and is not particularly confusing with communication tower landmark that signals its highest peak.

With its forested trails, likable duration of hike and refreshing environment, this mountain is great for beginners where you can reconnect with nature as you set your achievable hiking experience to Mt. Banoi.