Mt. Ahit

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When it comes to rich wildlife and difficulty of a hike, Mt. Ahit always on the top list.

This 2,600 ft hiking site nestled at Barangay Balibago has plenty of surprises in store for nature-inspired hikers of every background. The trail goes through well-preserved forest teeming with wildlife, including fungus, rare plant, and bird species that can eventually make the hike more interesting.

Parts of the trail are very narrow and can be described as “obstacle courses” that force hikers to do a bit of stretching and contorting. Just like most of mountain attractions in Lobo, Mt. Ahit is also known for its vast grassland peak covered with hardened-igneous rocks. These Igneous rock formation at the peak make this place a great picturesque spot for recreational photography through nature’s art as you experience rock climbing activities.

Man-made pond decorated with bamboo balsa has been built to serve as resting site for mountaineers as they savor a poetic scene of lush green forest and the cerulean sea divided by the silver shoreline from the top. Pitcher plants are also wildly abundant at the peak where it has been tagged as a biodiversity hiking site with 4/9 level of difficulty reaching 9.5 kilometers backtrail.  With share love for nature and mountain spree, Mt. Ahit is a good choice for breather climb as you set your trip to upland Lobo.