Barangay Tayuman

About This Project


Barangay Tayuman is derived from the area where it is situated. It is located east of Brgy. Poblacion and is one of the closest barangays to the town proper.

It became Tayuman because of its topographical position. According to the legend, the place was surrounded by huge coconut trees and swaying bamboo plants. These towering woods covered the entire landscape making its lowland area toned by darkness where the sun cannot even foresee from the plains. The shades of the trees block the flow of light even in the nooks and crannies of this area. Barangay Tayuman has a hilly to sloping mountain side, its lower land overlooks Lobo River that flow straight towards the ocean.

In the past, Tayuman is considered as one of the largest communities in Lobo where it is divided into 5 sitios. Some of these sitios are currently registered as independent barangay with booming local industry such Brgy. Poblacion, Brgy. Balatbat and Brgy. San Miguel.

Today, Brgy. Tayuman has five (5) remote sitios, these are Sitio Malipa, Mailiw, Bihi, Kupang and sitio Centro. The Malipa area has been divided into Poblacion, becoming adjacent to or an extension of P. Burgos Street, which is connected to the major access road of Lobo to Batangas City. The far part of its land domain divided into two (2) neighboring barangays; these are Brgy. Balatbat to the west and Brgy. San Miguel to the east.

It has a total land area of ​​334,0413 hectares where farming, crops cultivating, and forestry are some of the common livelihood in the area.


Brgy. Captain – Norberto M. Abanilla

Brgy. Treasurer – Cherry Cueto