Barangay Olo-olo

About This Project


The word Olo-Olo originates form small animals that can hear in this area with loud chirp. The said animal is known as “tadpole” a small amphibian and the offspring of a frog. They are locally called as Olo-olo as they inhabit the vast river estuary of this coastal barangay. Due to growing number of these tadpoles, the residents adopted the word Olo-Olo until it became an official barangay of Lobo.

Olo-Olo is located .75 kilometers away from the South-East portion of Town Proper. This area has been a rich place surrounded by hectares of mangrove canopy, swaps, and lagoons. The lower part of this barangay has scattered ponds where small species of animals or tadpoles can be found.

The barangay is located between Brgy. Lagadlarin and Brgy. Sawang. Its coastline was filled with sterile white sands with rich shallows and marine protected areas. There is a unique underwater scenery known as Submarine Garden that lies in the border reefs of Sawang and Olo-Olo. This diving attractions has been famous for a beautiful collection of corals, sea flowers and micro marine life.

It has a total land area of 225.4590 hectares combining the orchestrated coconut plantation, mangrove sanctuary and seafront. Farming, fishing, trade, and tourism related activities are the main livelihoods of its inhabitants.


Brgy. Captain – Robert T. Cuadro

Brgy. Treasurer – Donalyn D. Ilagan