Barangay Fabrica

About This Project


Before the arrival of the Spaniards, there was a place in Lobo that served as a factory for wooden boats, and on land there was a cart or chariot that locals used to transport people from remote areas to the coast where the center of trading system takes place. These large boats carrying goods-lay by on these blessed coastlines to deliver barter products and supply the necessary commodities of the people from various state.

Due to growing demand of production materials, this place has been the center of manufacturing works where people were busy making basnig, Bangka, dala, lambat balanan, pukot, sakag, sima and other types of equipment such as carts, wagons, sledges, paragos for cattle and other farming tools such as suyod, araro and itak.

When the Spaniards arrived and asked the name of this place, the only thing the inhabitants could answer was “Pagawaan” (factory) of boats and other fishing and farming equipment. And because of that, the Spaniards called it “Fabrica” which in another term for workshop. Since then, it has been registered in law as one of the official barangays in the town of Lobo.

Due to its closed proximity to the famous Lobo River, it is also called as “Wawang Lobo” with beautiful beach resorts sprawling in its cerulean coastline.

It has a total land area of 208.2426 hectares and is 1.2 kilometers away from the town proper divided by seven (7) Purok (ward).


Brgy. Captain – Petronio Delgado

Brgy. Treasurer – Aurea R. Abante