Ulupong Falls

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For those who live in the congested chaos of city, Ulupong falls is a weekend escape destination to restore one’s sanity.

At just a tick over 12 feet tall, this cascade located in Brgy. Sawang is a majestic monument to nature’s beauty and power. Ulupong falls is very accessible thus making it one of the most scenic and often visited. Its cold water came from the water basin of Lobo river flowing all year round with escalated rock borders to create bricks and swimmable lagoons.

Aside from its watery features, what make this falls special is that it took about 20 minutes trek to reach this place surrounded by jungle canopy making them seem like an undiscovered relic from an age long past. For the local resident, Ulupong falls is a true haven providing all the necessities that they need from food production, farming benefits and water supplies this little cascade of Sawang got them all.