Mt. Bangkalan

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Image Source: Cef’s Nature Adventure

Standing tall at Lobo’s spawning mountainscapes is one of the favorite hiking destinations found in Lobo. Rising 670 MSL (Bangkalan Peak) and 710 MSL (Patong Peak), this twin hike adventure features long and steep tails running through dense jungle of Nagtaluntong and translucent waters brought about by its pristine river.

Although it offers a challenging trail for first-time hikers, you would not want to miss the breathtaking view that awaits your eyes as you reach the summit of these majestic mountains.

Over the past years, these twin hike adventure continuously luring the interest of aspiring hiking enthusiasts. Hikers pleasantly surprised by the pristine beauty of these two-hiking spree as its trail offers a diversity of environments: clean, pleasant streams, moderately sloped trails that offer a view of the forest canopy and peaks home of spectacular flora and fauna.

The jump off to this twin mountain starts at Sitio Kastila, Brgy. Nagtaluntong. Where clear water streaming from Katiting falls welcomes you for a great river trekking experience ahead. Few steps away from small communities residing along mountain side is an expansive woodland canopy brought into the fore making it a perfect birding spot completing the beautiful spectacle.

The trails to Bangkalan and Patong Peaks diverge in what is known as “Two Trail’s mark” heading into different type of steep forested hills. Patong Peak Trail requires more speed and agility to complete with approximately 1.5 hrs.– 2 hrs. hike depending on hiking accuracy. Cow grazing grassland trails awaits with ascending yet manageable slope. Its adjoining trail offers less hiking time but obstructed with more challenging topography that could take 1 hr.-1.5 hrs. hike. Domesticated yet wild animals are also visible in the area giving trekkers more than a hike experience.

So, if you are looking for the perfect “Instagram-worthy” photo, hike your way to Mt. Bangkalan & Patong and let this landscape pique your interest.