Malagundi Point

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Beautiful and clean beach in Balibago coastline is painted by exotic coral formation staggering in this cornered point of Sitio Punas. This artwork presented by natural with rock reefs spread near the beach make many attractive layered of rocks visible in the nearest road and long sea distance.

Aside from the calming sound of its sea, the pebble beach area and fresh air, what calls travelers to visit is its unique location perfectly bounded at a Point where semi corals shred can be found in the area together with marine protected areas that surrounds this blessed water. These rock reefs of Malagundi have pointed to unknown shape acuminated by waves as they stand strongly and block the coming tide, creating calm waters. Under sunlight, the rock reefs appear in grayish black color making it a kind-picture of nature rising on the blue background of the sea.

Despite of its eye-catchy formation, swimming in the area is strictly not advised nor prohibited as the sea floor varies in unpredictable shallows dangerous enough to cause serious injury.