Barangay Masaguitsit

About This Project


Masaguitsit is derived from local word lagaslas or Sagitsit– a flow of water in a stream towards the ocean. It is located on the west coast of the Lobo Sea which once served as the main ports for ships coming from Batangas and Mindoro. At that time, you can only get to Batangas, by taking a large boat or traditional ship as modern access roads have not built yet. Due to lack of inland transportation, this community became the most centered and busiest village in Lobo as all incoming trade products and visitor first arrive in this coastal barangay.

Since only few vehicles are available that time, people used Kalesa (rickshaw) or Kariton (cart) to transport fruits, vegetables, and fish to the town’s market to fill the needs of its residents.

The main port is located between the far west side of the barangay Fabrica and Masaguitsit where a small water basin serves as the boundary that divides these two (2) coastal communities. Geographically, Brgy. Masaguitsit is 3 kilometers away from the town proper. The main livelihood of its inhabitants relies on its natural resources opening good opportunity for fishermen and farmers. It consists of seven sitios in which 6 of its are facing the vast tropical sea of Lobo, these are: Purok 1 to Purok 6 and Hulong Masaguitsit.


Brgy. Captain – Edwin M. Salazar

Brgy. Treasurer – Daisy A. Evangelista