Barangay Malabrigo

About This Project


If other barangays have names derived from what can be seen there, Barangay Malabrigo derives its name due to an incident. According to ancient history, a Spanish ship get lost in this rocky east coast of Lobo due to bad weather. The unstable weather lasted for a long time so those who were stranded here took a long enough to reminiscent the place. In this unfortunate scenario, the Spaniards spoke the word “Mal Abrigo” which means “Bad Weather”. They also noticed that every time they plan to leave the area, bad weather cross by for unknown reason. The word “Mal abrigo” has been an open-mouthed description of its inhabitant until its officially registered as one of the coastal barangays of Lobo.

Unlike neighboring communities. Malabrigo is situated far East with a view overlooking Calapan Island and Oriental Mindoro. It has blessed pebble coastline rich in mollusks such as snails, clams and sigay (shells) with various shapes. This barangay is also proud of its historical Lighthouse locally known as “Parola”. The lighthouse has been one of the famous tourist attractions of Lobo with rich history and heritage. It was built during the Spanish period sitting bravely at the great cliff of Malabrigo to deliver a nautical light above the expense sea that will serve as a signal to ships straying from afar.

It is divided into 5 sitios, these are: Sitio Laurel, Sitio Malvar, Sitio Recto, Bagong Pook and Sitio Pamintahan. It has an average land area of ​​751.5195 hectares and is 7 kilometers away from Barangay Poblacion. There are also many beach resorts that lies in its coastline.

Fishing, farming, and trade are some of the people’s livelihood in this blessed community.


Brgy. Captain – Nicasio M. Duenas

Brgy. Treasurer – Remy S. Magtibay