Barangay Lagadlarin

About This Project


According to the legend, the barangay derived its name from the word “LAGARLAR”, meaning the noise of the flow of water in the river, which can be seen and heard during the rainy season along the riverside.

Once the rainy season kicks in, the word Lagarlar or lagaslas was always the mouthpiece of the people in ancient times expecting a heavy flow of water from upland area down to lower water sheds that interconnect Lobo River.

Some people said that the word Lagadlarin was derived from the word “Lagarian”, a sawing place for logs or wood in ancient times.  They believed that the sawn timber used by Brgy. Fabrica for contracting boats near the riverside are brought from Barangay Lagadlarin.

As time went on, the word Lagarlar and Lagarian became Lagadlarin, until it was officially registered as one of the barangays in Lobo.

This coastal community has a total land area of 174,8409 hectares where 2/3 of its domain are covered with vast mangrove canopy- rich in aquaculture products with booming tourism industry.

Farming, fishing, and mangrove nurturing are the common livelihood of the people residing in its river estuary and farmland which is 1.1 kilometers away from town proper.


Brgy. Captain – Mafriel G. Dimaano

Brgy. Treasurer – Florita Macalalad