Barangay Banalo

About This Project


The town of Lobo consists of twenty -six barangays and one of them is Banalo. This barangay in the western seaboard of the town overlooking Isla Verde and the island of Oriental Mindoro is a place known for its rich coral reef and traditional shipping vessels that is currently functioning for both water transportation and trading purposes.

Barangay Banalo is a forest and grassland community. The elders say that here in this area there is a big timber tree called Banalo. This tree is said to be unique among all because it has broad leaves even if it is not very high above the ground. It is also the only place in Lobo where wide plantation of Banalo trees can be found traversing the blissful mountain ranges to the west.

Due to its strategic location with sustainable livelihood, the number of people and houses soon increased. As the population burst like a wildfire, they decided to call this place Banalo to differentiate or separate it from other neighboring areas. The name Banalo served as the name of their place for a long time until it became one of the full -fledged barangays, as provided by law.

Barangay Banalo can be considered as one of the prosperous barangays in Lobo. It has an area of ​​616.8220 hectares and consists of five (5) sitios; Sitio Pagkakaisa, Katahimikan, Banoi at Maligaya 1 & 2 and is 4.1 kilometers away from the town proper.

Fishing, farming, animal husbandry and barter are the common source of livelihood of its residents.


Brgy. Captain – Estilito Gonio

Brgy. Treasurer – Victoria C. De Chavez