Barangay Balatbat

About This Project


Situated in the Northern side of the Lobo town proper, is a prestigious barangay known for its rich woodland landscape and hidden falls. Brgy. Balatbat derived its name from Balatbat tree- a broad bark timber used by the people who lived here as stabilizer wall in their houses in ancient times.

Due to its popularity and abundant production of this certain timber species, the locals thought of calling this place Balatbat and became one of the pioneer barangays in Lobo with seven sitios. Living closely to nature’s rich habitat, these sitios are known for unique agricultural production.

In Sitio Gugo 1 & 2, a species of plant with foamy extract are naturally produced in the area. These extracts are often used in human hair treatment or cleaning ingredient for kitchen utensils. Sitio Hasaan is popular for its rocky place that is useful for sharpening the blade of itak or gulok (common farming tools in the area). While sitio Centro 1 & 2 serves as the center point of education where Balatbat Elementary School is located.

As we moved deeper to its secluded community, Sitio Malabnig, is famous for its hikeable mountain range with partly cold atmosphere and grassland. In the other hand, a glimpse of our history can be found in Sitio Pinagmuogan where a Muog (stone wall) fortified by the Japanese in ancient times can be explore contributing to Lobo’s cultural heritage and trademark.

In terms of locally handmade products, inhabitants of Brgy. Balatbat are known “Kaing Makers”. With enough raw materials to produce this useful handcraft, the locals considered this as promising livelihood together farming and animal husbandry. This is also where we are proud of our delicious and sweet atis as hectare of sugar apple plantation are being manifested in the area.


Brgy. Captain – Orlando R. Arias

Brgy. Treasurer – Emilyn M. Ramirez