Latest Travel Advisories for Lobo

We have enhanced precautionary measures given the latest situation of the Covid-19. Before your visit, please make yourself aware of the following measures:


1. Access control and quarantine requirements

There are specified boarding and compulsory quarantine requirements for persons arriving in Lobo coming from the outside of the municipality, including compulsory quarantine in designated hotels for 14 to 21 days. Returnees may undergo their 14-day compulsory quarantine (with an exemption for those fulfilling certain criteria) at home or other designated places (including hotels/resorts that are not designated for quarantine).
To find more information, please visit Batangas’ official website and/or IATF’s website.


2. Regulation on gatherings and wearing masks

To maintain social distancing, group gatherings in public places of more than four people are prohibited. The wearing of masks is mandatory in most public places including public transport, save for outdoor public places in country parks.


3. Regulations on restaurants and bars

Temporary measures are currently in place for the opening times of restaurants and dine-in services and the number of people allowed to dine together. Please see more about the regulations for catering business, bars and scheduled premises including places of public entertainment here.


4. The opening hours of attractions

Starting from May 14, 2021, some places, resorts and hotels may start to open. Please check our website for announcements. Before your visit, please check their respective websites.


5. Changes to scheduled events

Some events may be postponed or cancelled. Please check with event organizers for more information.


6. Further travel and health advice

For travel health advice on preventing pneumonia and respiratory tract infection, please visit the Department of Health’s website. Should visitors need assistance, please email us at